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Lucy Kenefick: Graduate of the 'fast track' Junior Apprentice Diploma program

Lucy came to CrossFit Vancouver in the winter of 2012. Originally from Ireland, Lucy was living in Melbourne, Australia when she discovered CrossFit. She loved it, but she wanted to learn more. After doing some research about CrossFit boxes around the world, she soon stumbled across our apprentice program in Vancouver. Here’s what she said about her three-month experience in Vancouver: “From the moment I set foot at CrossFit Vancouver, I knew I was in for a very different and special experience.  Even though I was still adjusting to the shock of seeing snow rather than blue skies and sand, I immediately felt at home. I was greeted with big smiles, eager handshakes, and curious questions, not to mention a crew of impressive athletes, who could knock out handstand push ups like they were hiccups! One thing that really stood out for me was the ease and efficiency in which things were done.  The relaxed yet focused atmosphere, and the embracing community at CrossFit Vancouver are priceless. In short, Patty and his charismatic team offer a superior service, both in and outside of the school. I learned so much from them, on both a professional and personal level.” - Lucy Kenefick