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Lung Burning Day

image You always suspected Sack was a superhero, here's the proof. Today's WOD: Lunger's Nightmare This WOD has 3 seperate elements and will take the entire class time so arrive early for your pre-warm up! Coaches if your students outnumber working rowers divide your class into 2 roughly equal groups. Group A will use the first 30 minutes for Element 1: The Beep Test Your score will be your level completed x 10. For example I finished level 8.6 so my score was 86. I suggest you stop just shy of your max so you leave something in the tank for the row. Meanwhile Group B will take on Elements 2 & 3 which require about 15 minutes each. If Group B still outnumbers the available rowers they can be further subdivided into 2 roughly equal groups for Elements 2 & 3. Element 2: 5-Minute Row Your score will be your total metres rowed in 5 minutes divided by 10. For example I rowed 1328 metres so my score was 132. Athletes this is where you want to go hard because you can get more points here. Coaches I suggest 5 minutes light row to warm up, hit it hard and then take 5 minutes to recover before switching to the next element. Element 3: Max Consecutive Double Unders in 10-Minutes You have 10-minutes to play with stringing your double unders together. Take breaks as needed. Your score will be the highest number of consecutive double unders completed. I got 34:( You may not make big points here but if your numbers on the run and row are close to someone else the double unders just may decide the contest! Your Final Score will be the sum of your scores from all 3 Elements. Mine was 86+132+34=252. Ever wonder how superheroes always manage to look great? image The secret is having your own personal make-up artist on staff.