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Machine Madness Day 2-the Squat Clean Thruster

Yesterday was about strength, today is about metabolic conditioning. 7 Rounds 7 Squat Clean Thrusters (95lbs for boys, 65lbs for girls) 7 Box Jumps (2 foot) For the clean thrusters, you need to do a full squat clean right up into a thruster. The bar must touch the ground inbetween each rep and the bar must finish over the heals (ie head coming through and not finishing 2 feet infront of your face) at the top. As far as scalling goes, use the same weight that you would do fran at, and if you can't clean the weight that you do fran at 49 times, then get your ass into the gym Saturday from 12-4 for the clean and Jerk Clinic-more info here: For the box jumps at some point the hips need to fully extend so either stand up at the top of the box if you are stepping down or else extend them on the way down if you are jumping down. Get in the habbit of landing the box jumps flat on your feet with your chest up (sloppy box jumps will transfer over into sloppy cleans). Going right up into the thruster is going to force an upright torsoe comming out of that clean or else you are going to be creating way more work for yourself than you need to. Think of straightening up as you come up out of the squat and really accelerating once you get to that push press dip position to snap the bar into the finishing position. This is going to be one painful workout if you try to do it in slow motion. It needs to be fast and explossive. Have fun and come up with a name for it. I'm open to sugestions... image