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Machine Madness Day 3-Challlenge to all girls at Crossfit Vancouver

Monday was a slow and steady strength based workout, tuesday was a fast and explosive lung burner, today is going to give the legs and arms a rest and focus on the core tabata style. "Core Mashup" 8 rounds of: 20 seconds Russian Twists (20lb wallball for guys, 12lb wallball for girls) 10 Second rest 20 seconds of Overhead abmat situps (2 20lb dumbel for guys, 2 10lb dumbel for girls) 10 second rest Your score is the total number of reps you complete. Larger classes can partner up and alternate so one person starts on the russian twists with the wall ball and the other starts on overhead abmat situps with the dumbels and then switch Russian twists- lay on the ground and lift your shoulders and legs off the ground in a V shape. Holding that position twisting your core from side to side touching the wallball on each side. 1 rep=touching to the left and touching to the right. Try to keep your legs straight and your feet off the ground. Overhead Abmat situps-Lay flat on the ground with your legs straight holding a dumbels in each hand with the wrist over the shoulder like the starting position for turkish getups. While keeping the arms straight and the wrists above the shoulders do a situp finishing sitting straight up with your wrists, shoulders and hips all in a line. Keep your legs straight and flat on the ground through the whole motion. Have fun and strengthen those cores. You'll need them for tomorrow smile Now on to the Challenge. Recently there was a video posted on of Jillian from New York doing three bars of death unscaled. image Its a workout I've always wanted to be able to complete unscaled but have never had a strong enough bench press. I was talking to Joy about it and we decided to set a date and work towards being able to complete three bars unscaled. December 13th is the date and we are going to meet once a week between now and then to work on strength building and start developing our bench presses. Looks like Kermits in as well, if there are any other girls out there who want to join us in our quest send me an email. kel