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Machine Madness Day 4 - CF Total Kelly Style

Thursday is going to be a strength day in a format similar to the total, but with a twist: 1 rep max front squat 1 rep max push press 1 rep max thruster total=max front squat+max push press+max thruster Do the exercises in that order. Only one failure allowed at each weight. (ie if you do a 230 front squat and then fail at a 235, you can attempt it again, but if you fail a second time you need to move on to push press). And for your reading pleasure today another exert from Greg Everetts book, this time on recovery: "Training cannot be effective in the absence of adequate recovery. Too many coaches and athletes invest epic amounts of time and energy planning and executing training programs while ignoring the issue of recovery and consequently make little progress. The foundation of all athletic training is the notion that by delivering the proper stimuli to the body, we can cause it to adopt in a manner fitting our objectives. This adaptation is neither immediate nor guaranteed-the body requires certain elements such as sleep & nutrition to allow it to make the physiological change being requested of it."