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Machine Madness Day 5: balance and skill

So after a long burner Monday, quick hit Tuesday and Wednesday and strength day on Thursday, Friday is going to involve some balance and skill: 5 Rounds 1 Snatch 3 Heaving snatch Balance 6 Overhead Squats 9 Pullups 200m Run Snatch the bar from ground overhead, stand up, lower the bar to your back (behind your neck), raise on your tippy toes to get full extension of your hips and then snap your hip flexors behind you landing in an overhead squat. Repeat 3 xs and after the 3rd one, leave the bar overhead and do 6 overhead squats followed by 9 pullups and a 200m run. Weights are 65lbs for girls/95lbs for guys. Now, one of the critical elements in completing this workout at full weight will be locking out your torso. And surprise surprise, this is another element Greg Everett addresses in his book: Breath control is critical for increasing and maintaining the structural integrity of the spine while under heavy loads. The torso has only one supporting structure-the spine-one one side, and this structure articulates in all directions requiring additional support to maintain rigidity. The remaining circumference is comprised of muscle walls which are only able to pull, not push up to support a load. Fortunately, the torso is filled with a collection of organs that are only slightly compressible and a fairly large container whose internal pressure we can easily control-the lungs. By filling the lungs with air, we can maximize the volume of the torso. By then activating the surrounding musculature, we can increase the internal pressure. These two things in concert will allow us to maximize the integrity of the torso which will both improve performance and the safety of the spine. In essence, this creates a broad, stable base from which the spine can be tied in tightly to prevent folding in any direction. I have to add this youtube defines Skill and Balance better than we could ever describe and it is guaranteed to brighten up your day. Nelson sent me this video and it is quite inspiring. It just goes to show, genius comes in many shapes and sizes and tells us once again, success can be attained at any age. Susan Boyle