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Machine Madness Day 5 - Pullup Ladder -CF Vancouver Move Schedule

Couldnt go an entire week without any pullups, so today we are going to do the pullup ladder. 1 pullup on the first minute, 2 on the second... how far can you go??? If you drop off the pace before the 15 minute mark, switch to burpees where you left off, if you drop off the burpee pace before the 20 minute mark then switch to situps, and if you drop off the situp pace... well you really should be coming in more often! The idea being everyone works for at least 15 minutes regardless of the state of your pullups. Now, on to business. We are moving NEXT SATURDAY (Feb 28th) and we need a whole lot of help. THIS SATURDAY (Feb 21st) we are meeting at the NEW GYM at 12pm to finish off the painting of the interior. NEXT SATURDAY (Feb 28th) there will be a final workout at 10am at the OLD GYM followed by a massive move effort at 11am. We need as many hands as we can get (for both saturdays), so come on by. Its your opportunity to give back and its a great chance to get to get to know the broader crossfit vancouver community. Any questions just ask me (machine) or Palmer.