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Machine Madness Day2 Something a little different

Congrats to everyone who added weight to their 20 rep backsquats. Its great to see the improvements being made. Tuesday we are going to do something slightly different with overhead squats. 1000m row 5 rounds: 15 box jumps 5 overhead squats Time starts at the begining of the row and ends after the last overhead squat. There will only be one row and then you will do 5 rounds of 15 box jumps, 5 overhead squats. The box jumps will get your heart rate up and then the key is to minimize the transition time between the box jumps and overhead squats which involves learning how to control your breathing to be able to stabalize your core to do the 5 overhead squats. If your 1 rep max is under 95lbs/135lbs then do it at 65lbs/95lbs. If your 1 rep max is over 95/135 then do it at 80lbs/115lbs. It shouldnt be an easy 5 reps. Have fun:) For your viewing pleasure I have included one of my favorite o-lifting videos: Guess whats coming later in the week smile