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Machine Madness - Workouts & Clinic Dates

Greetings from sunny California! I'll be gone for the next 10days fine tuning my o-lifting technique with Greg and Aimee at Catalyst Athletics and meeting with Rob Wolf to fill the holes in my nutrition guide. Been getting lots of emails on upcoming clinic dates so here they are:. • Thursday April 30th from 7-9pm Snatch Clinic • Sunday May 3rd-1-3 Clean and Jerk, 3-5 Nutrition Seminar • Thursday April 7th from 7-9pm Nutrition Seminar • Sunday May 10th 1-3 Snatch Clinic The nutrition seminar has a new focus on tweaking the zone to meet your personal goals as well as new information from my discussions with Rob Wolf and Charles Poliquin. Cost of the Nutrition Seminar is $50 for Crossfit Vancouver Members and $75 for non members. Register in advance ( -the following weekend (May 17/18th) is Canadian O-lifting nationals, so if anyone is up for a road trip, would be a great chance to see some of Canada's top athletes. I'll be competing on the sunday at 1pm. Reminder that there is no class this sunday (get outside and have some fun!) Monday's workout-Full Kelly-a long burner to work off the easter turkey and chocolates. Just in case I am not back to a computer before Tuesdays workout needs to go up its going to be a short burner: Unweighted Fran - 21-15-9 Dowel thrusters & Pullups, 2 minute break * 3 (Even though the thrusters are unweighted you still need to achieve full range of motion going bellow parallel on the squat and locking the bar out overhead. For the pull-ups, we want them to be continuous so if you cant do continuous kipping pull-ups use a band-use a size bigger than you would ordinarily use, and if you cant do 21 Green band pull-ups continuous use a box. What we are trying to determine is the potential time you could be working towards on fran if strength was not an issue).