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Machine on “Sabbatical”

As Patty termed it, I am on Sabbatical for the next few months. Bright and early Monday morning I am going to fly back to San Jose. Coaching in the mornings, teaching at langara during the day, o-lifting at nights and working on nutrition stuff in-between burnt my adrenals out. I knew I could only do it for so was one of those do as I say, not as I do things-Its time I actually start doing! In San Jose I am able to sleep in, get plenty of work done on in the morning when my mind is fresh, train under the watchful eyes of Greg Everett at Catalyst Athletics and get home in plenty of time to eat a proper dinner, unwind and go to bed at a half decent time. As much as I will miss my clients, Olifting and Nutrition are where my passions lie, and this is where I want to be able to focus my attention. I’m an all or nothing type of person and right now I’m just spread too thin! I will still be associated with crossfit Vancouver, am looking at the possibility of starting our own olifting club in November and will continue to hold seminars and clinics when I am in town, but I will no longer run the morning classes. But with Andy continuing to do his thing, Popeye taking over my time slots, and Corey growing into a great coach on his own, the mornings will be in good hands! Machine Out