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Mad lab 4.0 Champions

As the title indicates I want to give the Madlab champions their due because I believe that madlab is one of the best parts of Crossfit Vancouver and having been a part of it 3 times I can honestly say that it is a very hard thing to win. There weren't a lot of people around to watch the final, in fact it was one of the more quiet evenings I can remember seeing at the gym. I even heard a few people laughing about it calling it 'the Mad lab that time forgot' and 'the incredible disappearing Mad lab.' I can't blame people, the finals were postponed by 2 weeks largely due to my wedding and Patty (who is usually the king-of-hype) was away at the Masters. That being said, those of us that were there saw an epic battle that was nothing short of amazing. The two teams consisted of Dave "Poker" Poetker, Cam "the good twin" McConnell and Geoff "Vetterbuilt" Vetter versus Dan "the Afghan" Fontaine, Matt "the Eagle" Dahlman and Kate "two time Olympian" Richardson (we have to work on that nickname). Although we are dealing with 6 high level atheletes here I think it was fair to say that in most peoples eyes Dan, Matt and Kate were the underdogs, a label that Dan was all too happy to embrace (calling his team 'the sleepers' at one point). I think in most cases people like being labelled as the underdog and or spoiler, it takes the pressure off you and puts it on your opponent because win or lose people assume you gave it your all. Patty tasked me with putting together a final workout and I was determined to make it something that would be fair, contain variety and above all push the competitors to their limits. The result was a workout that had 2 heavy bag carries, Power cleans, burpees, wallballs, pull ups, overhead squats and rope climbs. I tried to vary it between one weightlifting movement and one gymnastic movement to create a bit of a back and forth between the larger and smaller team. The teams did not disappoint and battled hard start to finish keeping within 5 to 10 reps of each other the whole way through. B and I each had a team that we were counting for and I really started to feel like I was a part of the whole thing. We would shout out significant numbers like 50 or 100 and it felt like we were competing a little to see who could shout the milestone first. Once the workout started we watched as Dave's team came off the run with a narrow lead but by the time they were through the power clean's Dan team had passed them and started the burpees first. By the time both teams were finished the Wallballs Dave's team had regained their narrow lead but it was not destined to last as the underdogs passed them on the pullups. Both teams were neck and neck with only 5 reps seperating them throughout the overhead squats and were out on their second run separated by mere seconds. The two teams came in the door 5 paces apart but a tactical error gave the underdogs the advantage as Kate was ready hands on the rope when Matt came in the door with the bag whereas Dave was behind Geoff through the door. Time and time again I watched as both teams flew up and down the 15 foot rope with little regard for their own safety separated by a single ascent. At this point the gym was filling up with Charlie's large 8pm crew and they caught up in the emotion of the moment started cheering the teams on loudly. In the end, the workout (which took nearly 40 minutes to complete) was decided by a single rope climb and the underdogs were Champions. The emotion after was amazing as I can remember Lars saying, who says crossfit is not a spectator sport that was one of the most entertaining things I have seen in a long time. Dan reported, "I had to take a knee in between overhead squats or I was going to barf." And Matt reminisced "ya I saw Poker come up the hill with the bag like a bat out of hell, deliver it to Geoff and then just collapse for 15 seconds before stating 'shit I have rope climbs to do still.'" As for me I was nearly out of breath from the excitement and yelling and I just kept saying 'amazing guys simply amazing.' I also remember the sentiment at the end was unanimous: I can't wait until the next Madlab. It would be great to hear from others who were there and those that participated about what stood out to them and what they remember. image Now for the workout of the day: W/U: Burgner Warmup Tech: Snatch WOD: With 12 minutes on the clock run one mile and the load your bar and complete a 1 rep max Snatch You want to have a bar and some weights laid out but you can have nothing loaded on the bar prior to the start of the workout. You must load the weight and complete the lift or lifts in the remaining time. Score for Leaderboard is max snatch.