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Mad Lab Fall 2009 Champions Crowned!!

Congratulations to Team Puppy for winning the latest instalment of Mad Lab. image A hard fought battle by all. I saw some amazing efforts over the course of this tournament. There really is no replacement for competition. Many thanks to Patty for putting it on. I urge anyone who wants to step up their game to join the next instalment coming in January. Tuesday's Workout: Warm Up: Eazy 1000 m row Tabata Sit Ups Tech: Try some squats (front/back/overhead) with the giant water tube Andy built. Warm up your Thruster Workout: Since we are a giant laboratory... Max Reps Thruster (95/65 lbs) I know... Its crazy right? But think about. We max pull ups and push ups. We do max weight on lifts. Why not try a max rep thruster at Fran weight? Could anyone get 45 in a row (number of thrusters in Fran)? Rules are as follows - You cannot stop moving. You cannot rest anywhere in the movement. The squat must be legal. Knee, hip and elbow all have to be locked straight at the same time with the bar overhead. From a side view your ear MUST be in front of your arm (face through the pain of glass) when the bar is locked out overhead. If you can't do the required weight (try a few there if you can) then choose a weight you at least can do 21 of. Take a few runs at it if you want. This is a test of maximal effort. The thruster is close 100% full motor recruitment. I'm excited to see what happens here. This one might put you deep in the rabbit hole. Love Sheppy