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Mad Lab Final Tomorrow

The Mad Lab Final is this Saturday at noon. Come out and cheer on the top two teams, as they go head-to-head for bragging rights. So far, it has been quite the ride, with a ton of challenging, body-mangling WODs, and some very exciting finishes. There are two highlight moments that I want to mention. The first was week during Week #2. The second workout of the night was a Hero WOD, where each team selected on person, a ‘Hero’ to compete. The workout: Josh 21 OHS 42 Pull ups 15 OHS 30 Pull ups 9 OHS 18 Pull ups. Usually, I’ll admit I find CrossFit boring to watch. Turns out, watching people workout isn't THAT entertaining. But this was thoroughly inspiring; the energy in the facility was bustling as five women – Dash, Kermit, Ana, Marylyn and Cindy – went head-to-head with their teams cheering them on. It was one of the most intense and closest battles in Mad Lab history. Dash got to an early lead after the 21 OHS, but both Kermit and Ana gained some ground on the first set of pull-ups. Usually, people spread out on this WOD after the first round, but it remained tight until the bitter end. Ana was the fist one to get to the 18 pull-ups, but Dash, on the other side of the facility, was close on her heels. Heads swiveled, back and forth, all eyes on Dash and Ana. They each had 8 pull ups left. Meanwhile, Kermit and Marylyn were gaining some ground, and suddenly there were four women had less than 12 pull ups remaining in the WOD. With just two pull ups to go, grip and forearms shot, Dash gutted it out and hung on to for a final push, beating Ana by just a few seconds. Marylyn and Kermit were just a few seconds behind that. It was a beautiful sight – four ladies sprawled on the ground, all having completed the WOD impressively, in under nine minutes. The second highlight came last. It actually came after the workout. The ‘Hero’ WOD was a max clean and jerk followed by two minutes of max pull ups. It was another nail biter. Both the Donkey and Hollywood recorded personal best 225-pound clean and jerks. It was going to come down to the pull ups. A couple hours after Mad Lab, I received a text from the Donkey saying, ‘Two years ago it took me nine minutes to do 30 pull ups in a purple band.” Last night, the old Donkey did 51 pull ups in two minutes, enough for the win. That’s why it’s important to remember to record your scores. There’s nothing like the feeling of personal improvement! Noon tomorrow - The Donkey Warshippers (Eunice, Ana and Wendy) battle Pete K's Angels (Kermit, The Bus, and Nat 'The Great'). Saturday - 10 and 11am Classes Technique Overhead Squats- go light - perfect the movement. (5,5,5,5) Workout "Team Josh" - 50 OH Squats (95/65) - 50 Pull-ups - 35 OH Squats (95/65) - 35 Pull-ups - 20 OH Squats (95/65) - 20 Pull-ups Sunday - make up day.