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Mad Lab is coming soon!

The next MadLab tournament begins Thursday, November 17th at 6 pm. We're going to follow a slightly different format this winter. The competition will include 6 teams. Each team will go head-to-head against another team each week and will receive either two points for a win or zero points for a loss. If you lose in a tie break, you will earn one point. The top 3 teams after the first four weeks of competition will advance to the Playoffs. The league will begin Thursday, November 17th and take place on consecutive Thursday evenings for five weeks. Each week, you will also have a chance to pick a 'Hero' for the night. Details will be released in the next couple weeks. If you want to be part of this Mad Lab tournament, post to comments. On November 17th, you must bring your Fitness Rating score with you, even if it's not totally complete yet. Also, CrossFit Van got some more love in the CrossFit Journal. Here's a transformation video of two of our very own: JOURNAL WEDNESDAY WOD ZOE 30 Muscle ups for time! For those people who need progression for the muscle up, instead of the regular pull ups + ring dips, let's do: a) try the low rings, kneel down right under the bar and let's try to work on that transition from the pull to the very deep ring dip. If you don't have a ring dip on your own, you can do the 3 pulls + 3 ring dips with the band separately = 1 muscle up; or b) bar muscle ups for those who can do it with or without the band. Fancypants.