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Mad Mobility | Action, not motivation.

Ralph was quick to act, and does not regularly check a newsfeed.


Everybody has that one person on their social media feed, no not that one, the other guy. Almost every one of their shared posts is a top 10 list; what all successful people do, what these top companies shared in common, or how to stay motivated to get what you want in life. More often than not, that same person isn’t always the poster-person for “success”. However you may define success, this friend of yours intention is to motivate themselves or the people they’re connected to. Motivation.


Precision Nutrition recently posted:


You don’t need motivation nor inspiration to have good habits. In fact, what differentiates an “expert” from an “amateur” is not motivation… but action. “Experts” hunker down and find ways to get the job done, regardless of how they feel.


I couldn’t agree more. Motivation is truly a buzz-word in the wellness and fitness world. Its entire livelihood is kept up through social media; hashtagging motivation monday and saturating your newsfeed with inspiring videos. None of this holds the individual to action. Action is that key that translates the elusive motivation (or lack thereof) into results.


Mel Robbins’ “Motivation is garbage” was one of those video posts that popped up for me a little while ago. She’s a motivational speaker and former clinical defense attorney. Once you look past the irony, you can take head from two points:


The habit of hesitation


All the worst drivers on the planet share this in common. It’s essentially the brain responding to a stress signal, that prevents you from looking like a complete idiot. You are wired to protect yourself from failure, or just a bad decision.


You are one decision away from everything


We know how easily this can redirect our lives. There is a “micro-moment” in which you have to act or react to something. In that very moment can change the way everyone perceives you. The results can be unknown and maintain varying levels of giving or not-giving a f@#k.


Motivation is essentially passive. It’s like flexibility, an inherently useless range of motion. Sure, it’s a great prerequisite, but all it does is offer countless passive positions for you to be muscled into submission.


You don’t need motivation, but those hashtags and videos aren’t hurting your potential.


Action is active. It’s like strength, an inherently useful range of motion. This is where our expression of action strengthens our results. This is where we build out the path to our success, whatever that may be for you.


You need to take action.


Company, or in our house, community is my key to success, my solution to motivation, and, my reason to MadMob.

We're back at it. Saturday 1130am.

Show up, act on your mobility.


Coach Chesty

Emile Maxwell Connaughton