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Mad Mobility | All about the vibe.

It may be the summer vibes with good weather, casual hang outs, and the drinks that taste that much better. Vitamin Sun has that affect on just about everybody. In the last couple weeks I’ve seemed to find a great rhythm with myself. 


The words out of my mouth are smoother, with a hint of clarity I haven’t tasted in a while. This holds more value than people might imagine. I pride myself on good penmanship, as words have a powerful affect on anyone’s surroundings. Being able to have spoken words flow like that expo marker on a white board, just makes me feel grounded. I’m naturally driven to fine tune, but I’m finding I’m more successful with the first take. 


I eat. For a giraffe like me, eating can get lost in back to back working hours and distractions that whither me away. I don’t eat my feelings, and when I’m unhappy, I have no appetite. These notes often remind me why my nutritional status is best when on vacation. I can clearly tell I’m doing well when I’m happy. A happy dude means a well fed, fuelled, and hydrated dude.


I’m sleeping well and napping even better. I’ll take a few clients early morning and the evening, as well as adding another day of bookings. This puts me in a situation that could easily put me in a depleted state. What I don’t get in my evening sleep I make up for in my midday naps. It feeds my leisure tenancies with a productive recharge. I’ve found a beautiful balance of 5-8 hours at night and 1-3 hours late morning. A luxury for some, but I  don’t mind bathing in first world problems.


I’ve put aside time each and every day to train my mobility. I don’t attempt to target every part of my body. I partition my body throughout the week and find a few multi-joint movements to encourage some overall flow. This allows me to devote enough time to a given area. I’ve built a strong connection to what my body needs. With the time aside for a particular area, I can then focus on what it needs: recovery, strength, release, or just some touch induced analgesia. 


I’m eating good stuff frequently to my body type and liking. I’m resting enough to sustain my well being, as well as fulfill my mental and physical prowess. I’ve set aside time to target and listen to my bodily tissues, make them supple, make them strong. This all helps feed the good vibes that allow me to communicate effectively. 


Sometimes it all comes together. My suggestion, start with one thing you suck at right now. Put some love and effort towards being an adult about it. Do it. That’s it.


All about the vibe,


Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton