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Mad Mobility | At the beach.

No there won't be a structured mobility class at the beach on Saturday. There won't even be one available at the gym, as no one will be there. Now I know, at this point you're pretty pissed off as you will miss one of your favourite opportunities to train your mobility. The good news is I'll be at the beach to serve you in all the ways I know how (food, drink, and hilarious dialogue). The bad news is, wait, there is no bad news.

You may be wondering how you can still get your mobility training fix. Take this as an opportunity to express your mobility, as opposed to training it. No one will stop you from gathering some controlled articular rotations in the sunshine, or practicing your deep breathing by the shore line. I plan on getting in some regular reps in the morning to ensure I prepare myself for the day ahead. But again, this can be a great time to get in on the activities, or just enjoy some less structured fun in the sun.

Building a sand castle, along with other beach activities can be a great way to immerse yourself in the sand. This requires expressing your digging or sand acquisition skills, as well as showcasing ones light touch for ensuring an architectural masterpiece. 

Spikeball can be a great place to challenge your hand-eye coordination. And even more importantly, the sand is much more forgiving when you can't control that range of motion required for that game-point.

If you're looking for a real challenge, attempt to apply sunscreen to all areas, without the assistance from someone else. That mid upper back is the true test.

Get in some play and learn more about yourself and the people you share your training with.

I'll be there all day, feel free to pick my brain by the barbecue,

Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton