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Mad Mobility | Audible on the day.

Calling an audible is crucial to setting yourself up for success. You’ll hear sportscasters mention “audibles” during NFL games all the time. In short, a quarterback or defensive captain will change the play before the snap in order to better play what they see on the field versus what they had originally planned. It doesn’t always work out for the best; however, with time and knowledge, they can better adjust for success in the future. It’s not always clear as day what you need to adjust, just consider how you want to affect your body. More specifically, how to dial it back. 

Our programming as a whole has a desired intent. Strength and skill training often have desired rep ranges or time domains. We are likely programming for someone who is feeling fresh, while keeping in mind those who train 5+ times per week. Any training day or “workout” is a drop of water in an ocean of a bigger scheme. As much as we program ahead of time, you need to adjust for that random decision to climb a mountain the day before you test your back squat.

The Mobility Class is inherently designed to train for mobility. So this needs to be taken as a serious stimulus and you should prepare for it like you would any other “workout”. Be prepared to train and give me your best efforts. Training for mobility is tough and requires all of you mental and physical focus. We must progressively overload the body to yield adaptation towards improved mobility.

Should you be dealing with an injury, feeling beat up, or just looking to recover, you must dial it back like you would in any other training session, so consider the following:

Flexibility work, such as stretch positions, should be low to moderate intensity. Think of achieving, at most, mild discomfort. This can be a great time to focus on breathing and, relax, as opposed to taking yourself to extreme ranges. Chill dude.

Strength work, such as isometrics and articular work, should be low to moderate intensity. Keep your tension and efforts below a 6 out of 10. Use this as another opportunity to practice your breathing and take some inventory on your body. Your challenge is to move, not push or test your limits. Chill dude. 

We don’t want to add another high stress to an already high stress environment. Either prepare yourself for a challenge or audible to compliment your environment. Set yourself up for success. Hindsight is 20/20, and sometimes you just have to find what works for you as an individual through a little trial and error. Holler at your coach for a little understanding and never hesitate to ask questions.

As an added note, you can apply similar tactics to your other strength and conditioning. Use your damn brain and think of the long game. How you do can change the outcome of what you do, for better or for worse.

You should not be walking out of here with your soul crushed, bragging to your peers about how you can barely move.


Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton