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Mad Mobility | Back for more stuff

Its all just stuff upon more stuff. It’s essential to validate the complete scale of our responsibilities, and you’re an idiot if you don’t recognize how vile the world can be. Regardless of how “first world” the return from  a vacation or travel can be, we should be allowed to feed on the suck without everyone shrinking the value of our emotional response. I know that doesn’t mean there’s a point in dragging that stuff along, longer than necessary. 


I’ve travelled more with Simona in 6 years than I singularly achieved in the first 26 of my life. I don’t have many experiences to compare, but that can’t take anything away from the fact, with her, life itself is better. But I digress. 


The last day of vacation can rile up a few emotions, without unearthing all our psychological demons, that day is different for both of us. I’m a leisure dude, but I’m usually a little more itching to get back home. Simona is more like “ugh, already?” We both understand how the other person feels, and it doesn’t serve any body telling the other person to “relax” (communication 101). This trip is just about over, and we’ll be back at it til the next one. It’s okay for it to suck, just like it’s okay to want to be home already. And nothing stops either of us from savouring the last few moments. Walk to a few landmarks, find a cute neighbourhood, and dine like there’s nothing but time. Then we spend about a day traveling only to return to he world we left in a zombie like state hungry for brains and simple pleasures. 


Some cultures refer to it as “the grind;” an endless pursuit of tasks to keep you alive, or something not as cool as what you experienced outside this grind. It’s a bunch of stuff we come back to. I’d be an idiot if I didn’t acknowledge how some stuff just sucks, like not having a breakfast buffet open downstairs from 7-1030 every morning. It’s okay, for stuff to suck, except for the above. Sure enough there’s some wiener who gently throws in some positive reinforcement. Stuff inside the grind is pretty cool though, and I can whip up a pretty damn good breakfast.


We actively engage in any of these thought processes. Stuff is only going to suck as long as you let it, and it might still suck. We also create a lot of our surroundings, and those surroundings can redefine how to leave and return to the stuff. 


Now come on down to the Mobility Class and get all that body stuff working good enough to handle all the other stuff. We can create some pretty cool stuff to take with you on your next adventure, and that grind of yours. 


My only real point was to bring your ass to mobility training Wednesday’s nights at 7 and Sunday mornings at 11; breakfast buffets should be mandatory in all households, and Vancouver tap water is delicious.  


I’m back!


I love this stuff,


Coach Chesty

Emile Maxwell Connaughton