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Mad Mobility | Beach Mobility

The goal is to make you feel good, real good, and perform even better if your day goes the way you want.


We hit the beach in our own way. Sure we all come together, often partake in the same activities, but everyone is on their own timeline. And that’s how it should be. A sunlit ocean side to ride out the day.

As you already know our MadLab Beach Day is coming up; you might already be a regular at one of Tom’s random reach out for beach bummin’, but this is the main one. Simona and I already have the whole day blocked off, as we’ll need a nice chill day to vibe with the people. The key is, we vibe so much stronger when we have a collective. Show some love by rolling in numbers. Other than showing some love, you can take it from there.


Don’t matter if you’re looking to dive into a sandy splits or post up for onlookers; you should feel good, and move your best.


Now you can expect Tom will run ya’ll through a good training session, should you like to get a workout in. And you can damn well expect some spikeball tournaments (it’s the new frisbee...for Tom) and likely some more games. Not to mention, we’ll be toasting bevies and have some grub to feed the day.


Just after that workout in the late morning we’ll be some beach mobility. I’m going to keep real chill and focus on making the day easier, and making you feel good. I want to make everything after that feel better. Don’t need your body all gummed up when you’re de-stressing with good company. So we won't be doing any of the grimey tough stuff, we can come back to that next week.

Some deep breathing, a few stretches, some accessory work and then we're good. Maybe go for a dip, or just post up and feed.

Recover, dude


Coach Chesty

Emile Maxwell Connaughton