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Mad Mobility | Before or After?

I’ve had a number of clients asked me if the mobility class is better to do before or after a regularly scheduled class. There are couple ways to approach this, and sure enough, it depends. 

First and foremost, I’d like to remind you that this class can be a real doozy. Mobility training is just that, training. It requires the same, if not more, focus and energy to complete such a task. It is often very demanding on the nervous system, and that can potentially leave you quite drained. If you leave feeling like you want something else, you’re probably just hungry for food.

During a class I’ll usually instruct clients to choose between a lower intensity and a higher intensity. The lower intensity is intended to focus more on general maintenance, and in some cases be considered some active recovery. The higher intensity is intended to yield an increase of mobility, and in many cases is comparable to strength training. So sure enough you can adjust your experience throughout your attendance.

It primarily depends on the intensity you choose to explore, and the volume of work your body can handle. I would advise someone to attend the class exclusively the first time, and re-evaluate afterwards. This can be another opportunity to speak with your coach, who may have some insight as to how much you can handle, and at what intensity level.

Attending the mobility class before a typical strength/conditioning class, can help prepare ones joints/tissues for the upcoming training. It feels a lot better to squat when all of the components are working at optimal levels. Some say there squats have never felt better. If you didn’t know, I take ya’ll through all sorts of hip stuff.

Before might be ideal for those who have some considerable restrictions in their body that need more time to prepare for certain movement patterns. 

Attending the mobility class after a typical strength/conditioning class, can be some added training that helps address those same parts you need to do the other stuff (squat, hinge, push, pull, etc). Think of it as some much needed accessory work.

After might be ideal for those who like getting the big body stuff out of the way, and their parts are working well enough to complete the movement patterns.

It comes down to how your body responds best. There is no perfect scenario across the board, and pending on the intensity you select, it can drastically change the outcome.

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself. 

Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton