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Mad Mobility | Breathing break

I understand the smoked out climate has become a popular topic over the past few weeks. Notably it will be something to monitor in the coming weeks. We posted earlier this week as to highlight the current air quality. With lack of quality there are some minor adjustments made to our training. 


The mobility class requires an adjustment as well. I know that a number of you have become accustomed to the breathing practice. Unfortunately the air quality inside still doesn’t stack up that we’ll to the air quality outside. I will be removing the breathing practice until we see a notable improvement. We will continue to breathe mindfully through stretch positions and articular drills, just not those rapid successive bellowing breathes that take you to that next level feeling. 


This does allow us an addition 15-20 minutes to expand on both the upper and lower body focuses of this current cycle. As we are in the last 2-3 weeks of the current programming, expect an increase in drill intensity. Treat this class like any other; warm up, I’ll take care of the rest. 


A big thanks to Coach Andy for his coverage over the weekend as I was whisked away to Vegas.


I’m looking forward to many of you attending as we slide into the last quarter of the year. Wednesday nights at 7:15pm and Sunday mornings at 11:15am. 75 minutes of pure enhancement. 


Coach Chesty 

Emile Maxwell Connaughton