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Mad Mobility | Current Cycle Programming

You’re focus through every upcoming mobility class programming, should be to, become self aware. This, in many ways, will require you to feel a little deeper. 




We will be exploring the outer limits of your hips. As you are guided through the full rotational access of your hip joint, every corner of the surrounding muscular will be stimulated. Rotation speaks directly to the capsule, and that is where an abundant source of tissue will be transformed. You’ll create a deeper understanding of “opening” your hips up. 


Should you take part in our group strength and conditioning, you will acquire the squat you always wanted over the next 11 weeks, maybe even deeper. 


Should you not concern yourself with such squatting nonsense, your hips will work better for everything you need them for; even sitting. 




We will be building along our with our scapular focus. The scapulae (the curved plates on your upper back) are essential in guiding the action of the shoulder joint. They work in unison with the glenohumeral joint to help reach overhead in a fluid fashion. We will use the flexion test as a tool and work you through the red light, yellow light, green light. And thats the outer limit will be exploring as a whole, hands in the air, like you actually care. 


Should you take part in our group strength and conditioning, expect for this to aid your hanging, pulling, and pressing capacity. Or maybe you’d like to get overhead safely in the first place, just the access is nice. 


Should you not concern yourself with such gym baboonery, consider this an opportunity to grab the top shelf of life, or not go losing he ability to use the top shelf in your pantry. 




We always give the spine some love. It’s the source of life. 




Increase oxygen levels and get high on your own supply. Full body effect for the win.


7pm Wednesdays

11am Sundays

Blast your mind, do things better that you thought possible.


Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton