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Mad Mobility | Express yourself

If there is anything you should take away from this past year, mobility wise, it’s to move, as much as possible. Movement in organized, efficient ways, and in more creative, expressive ways. Oh, and you should dance more. 


It’s easy to become accustomed to moving in a very organized fashion, living in fear of the outer limits. Our bodies lay down tissue and create control along the lines of stress we expose it to. Too much stress and we break, progressive amounts and we adapt. So it’s understanding that some people are rightfully reserved in there movement. But with reservation comes more of the same. 


Progressive steps towards creative and expansive motions will yield you more ways to express yourself. The only way to access more is to put yourself into those motions more frequently. The key is progressive. There is a time to just put yourself out there and dance like no one is watching, and there are times to ease yourself in appropriately. 


To help prepare for those more courageous moments I welcome you to the Mobility Class (Saturday’s at 11:30am-1pm). Prepare yourself for the outer limits of expression. 


Then you need to dance, every opportunity you get. I love how many of you I witness dancing between sets, or mid-conditioning. It benefits brain function and is just damn good for the soul.


“Last call at the bar, ladies get a drink, fellas get some balls

Ain’t no telling you’re gonna see that girl tomorrow

Stop holding up the wall waiting for the right song

Better holla cause you know they bout to cut the lights on” 

- J. Cole


Have a happy new year, and get lit, I’ll catch you on the dance floor,


Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton