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Mad Mobility | Flexibility is freedom

Flexibility is freedom. It is the unrestricted, passive range of motion of our bodies. It a prerequisite to training the control, or increasing the strength of that range of motion. Our bodies need to have an appropriate level of tolerance to a particular position, before we can begin to build a surplus of strength in that position.

Flexibility may need to be targeted to move us along our progressional development. When it becomes a priority to our training, we can begin to respect its place in our journey. That freedom can open many new branches of development. 

We need an appropriate amount of flexibility in relation to the task or skill we’d like to improve upon. That freedom creates more value in a particular exercise selection.

If you’d like hanging leg raises to improve, it's a lot easier to have the freedom, and tolerance in the position above (see photo).

You can't build strength in a range you don't have. If that’s too simple, than ya’ll don’t get the basics.

Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton