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Mad Mobility | Glitter is the worst.

The only thing I hate more than glitter. Well, that would be absolutely nothing. I have a very small amount of hate to distribute, and all of it is devoted to glitter. It took me a long time to reconnect with a client after they had gifted me Christmas card riddled with glitter. Some people even put it on their face. The last time I had glitter transferred to my face, I peeled the skin off my face only to find more glitter underneath. 


I’ve found myself in more than one philosophical conversation this past week. When I build a set of values, or pillars, to position myself with, I can create a more optimal approach to just about anything.


There is a real value in being open minded, change can be refreshing, if not essential. But when I stand for nothing, what do I stand for? Having a clear set of “hard no’s” can steer the ship through murky waters, and prompt dialogue that may trigger change. How else are you going to be able to associate with more people that think like you? More importantly, how might you learn to deal with people who don’t? So sure enough we’ve found ourselves another reason to celebrate our differences and salute our left/right positions. Yay, some might cheer, others nay.


I appreciate value in variety. I respect how just trying things can be part of the journey, it’s “fun” they say. But you can damn well know I believe very passionately in power of exercise selection, and that adaptation takes time and consistency. Fun is something you create, not something dictated by the progression your using. Training is not problematic until you take something on half heartedly. Sometimes the answer really is “ you’re not strong enough yet.” There really isn’t a real definition of fitness. Ring rows and cat camel cows are the coolest thing in town.


Understand why you want to do something, even if it’s just cause. Understand your mobility will completely dictate your rate of learning. Program to deal with, not work around your limitations. We can work more effectively with one another when we understand one another, but I have to know your why, and you have to know my how.


Know that with all my negative energy tied up in glitter, there really is only love left to disperse.


Always take what I say to heart, love is easy,


Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton