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Mad Mobility | Holiday Mobility Adjustments

One thing I've noticed through the holiday season is how there is always something to do, or take care of. People are often sealing off the last quarter of the year, scheduling appointments before extended breaks, and generally indulging in all aspects of food and good company. This can leave the schedule jam packed and the body feeling a little rundown trying to accommodate everything. Sure enough we may try to squeeze in some training sessions. The stressors can pile up, and the body doesn't necessarily know the difference between those stressors. And sure enough there are a handful of individuals coming back in for the new year looking to "reset" or start a new. I'm looking to help combat those stressors and provide as much feel good as possible.

The Mobility Class will be touching on the "main offenders" and I'll be adjusting the programming to cater to recovery more than anything else. The class typically follows some progressive overload and is designed to become more challenging as your body adapts. That doesn't mean we'll forego all the benefits of articular strength, but the intensity will be dropped back to help compliment the holiday stressors. Basically lets round up the year with a few weeks of targeting some big areas of the body and guiding some active recovery. 

I'll be hosting classes right up until December 21st. That leaves us 4 weeks to get a lot of good work in. I'll be heading to Mexico for 2 weeks. Upon my return (January 4th) I'll have a whole new line up of progressive mobility work to plow through the year and transform your body in ways you never thought imaginable. I'll be looking to open up another mobility class in the new year to give you more opportunities to feel this way.

I'll be working those hips, that spine, and them shoulders. You'll be able to hit that holiday season the best you could. This will also be a nice introduction should you be new to this mobility game, ease you in real good.

Come on down and get serviced.

Wednesday 7pm | Sunday 11am

Coach Chesty
MadLab School of Fitness