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Mad Mobility | I can help.

More and more often I'll have the people approach me about something they have going on. They'll often wonder if I have a stretch for something, or if I can give them insight to their chronic shoulder problem. There are a lot of temporary fixes out there. There are so many drills and mobilizations, and tons of other magical garbage that makes you feel better in that moment. Understand these are all temporary. You will wake up the next morning with the same range of motion before that magical drill, and probably the same shitty shoulder. The thousands of sensory inputs you give your body every day have created the person staring back at you in the mirror. I'll always be willing to show some love and help you all figure out what's going on. Understand it's much more effective when I can give you my undivided time and skill set.

Speak with your coach to see if these sessions are a good fit for you. They probably know you best, and most definitely have something to offer. Even if you just want to believe you can be bulletproof, strong and flexible. Even if you just want to know what to do, when that bullet breaks through, heal the pain. This is a damn good place to start.

We’re going to hang out. We’re going to take a look at how your body moves. And then we’re going to learn why it's not doing the things you want it to. Once you get it (even if you don’t), we’re going to learn how to do some stuff that will make it do what you want it to. Then, we’ll figure out how to keep you doing it. I just may have a skill set worth exploring. You’re not going to show me anything I haven’t seen before, if so, bonus for me. I’m not the only, nor the most, mobile person in the entire world. There’s this cool thing called the internet, you’re probably on it right now, tons of outrageous stuff. We are, going to learn about some mobility together and make your stuff work better. Every individual, however similar, has something different worth exploring deeper.

Assess you and your stuff.

We can get as technical as you want in these sessions, or we can just stick to the basics. Here we’ll check each one of your joints out, and all the stuff connected to it. Spine, hips, shoulders, knees, elbows, ankles,’s all stuff. It is also supposed to move in certain way, and when it doesn’t, we hurt, and we suck at life.

You can’t cheat me one on one.

Learn the principles.

Breathing, stretching, rolling, smashing, joint circles and squeezing your glutes, are all part of the formula, as these are the basics of keeping you on point. But for you to not get cranky and sidelined, keep weightlifting, and do all the cool things you do in life. We’ll, it’s not just about corrective drills and foam rollers in your butt.

This is how you do it, and where stuff belongs.

Unlock your stuff.

Make more range of motion. Convince your body its safe. Control all the new stuff you thought you couldn't do anymore. Mitigate pain and injury better so you become more resilient to the rigors of training, and life. We’ll apply the principles into all that stuff you have already been doing, and the simple new stuff I show you.

You’d be surprised what we can get you to do.

Figure out how you’ll do your stuff.

Interim programming will then help you with your mobility day to day. We can help you prioritize the what and when. As you progress it opens up more access to your capability. Should you want to move to the next level, we can do that.

With whatever time you can apply, we’ll optimize just that.


This is your body, face it. If the answer is too simple, then ya'll don't get the basics.

Emile Maxwell Connaughton
Coach Chesty