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Mad Mobility | I learned how to wrap a toe.

Could be broken, my wrist isn’t completely healed, and they’ll be more of these in the future. As prepared as you might feel, shit happens during anything. 


I arguably do more training for my wrists and feet in a week, than most do in a lifetime. I’ve also had the two dumbest, almost embarrassing, injuries in last couple weeks. I tweaked a few ligaments in my hand and one of my carpal bones is out in my wrist, from opening a beer. I smashed my big toe with my other heel during a leg swing. What an idiot. This is right when I was getting my groove back. Life stressors we’re dropping, I had some unforgettable times in Mexico, and I was stoked to get into my training program. Timing is everything, but when untimely events occur, fuck it, take some time to laugh and learn.


Allow yourself to be emotional. Get angry, voice your frustrations, shed some tears, and dwell for a moment. But just a moment, as your body needs validation of the suckiness. Either to yourself, or to that special person of counsel. I hate it when someone tells me it’s okay, and that things will get better. Optimism is great, but dwell for that moment to bleed out that negativity. Now that your done your bitch’n. Laugh about it, as those frustrations won’t disappear in the weeks to come. 

Humour has gotten me through every bump, bruise, and tragedy. I think about how many people I’m going to tell “I kicked my own toe”. Or the abrasive jokes from my chums on “How far did you get that toe up so and so’s butt before it broke?”. Find some joy before you find your path to success. It will make the process a lot more manageable. You can laugh at yourself and your new weakness. Now it’s time to learn the path to strength. 


This can be a great opportunity to earn knowledge of the area or learn new skills. No matter the size of the injury, they have all influenced my level of knowledge as a coach, and a person. It can be a great time to bone up on your understanding of anatomy or work on something you’ve been neglecting. It’s important to address the issue at hand, but healing time is often non-negotiable, so your going to need to find substitutes to keep you from going stir crazy. Surround yourself with the knowledge and own it. 


Injuries are more about mitigation than prevention. When you push yourself in any environment, you are bound to breach your limits. There is also, always that asshole who opens their car door while your hugging the shoulder on your bicycle. Some things are preventable, others will blind side you. It takes time to heal. It takes time to bring your strength back up to par. It takes time to strengthen beyond where you were. How long will it take? How long you got? Are you ready for when it happens again? You can guide yourself to the greatest comeback in history.


Timing is everything. There is no perfect time. There’s a lesson in there somewhere. I learned how to wrap a toe.


Validate, find some joy, and we’ll coach you through the rest. 


Ya boy,

Coach Chesty