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Mad Mobility | Introspective 10/19

All you can do is handle it,

The worst thing you could do is panic,

Use it to your advantage, 

Avoid insanity, manage to conquer,

Every obstacle, make impossible possible,

Even when winning's illogical,

Losing's still far from optional


Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. “T.I."

No Matter What, Paper Trail 2008


Another instalment of someone else said it better. I feel this piece above.


I’ve always found myself in a struggle between optimism and realism, as if these two were at odds with one another. I’ll roll my eyes at motivational words printed on t-shirts, yet I’ll take the first opportunity to pull someone out of there “we’re all doomed anyway” mentality. Contrarian by nature I’ll put myself on the side that serves contrast, maybe if it’s just for the fun of it; sometimes there’s joy in watching something burn to the ground. There is nothing more I would like, then to see us rise above. Know that.


Feeling introspective today,


Coach Chesty

Emile Maxwell Connaughton