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Mad Mobility | It's all mobility work.

Mobility can be a difficult concept to grasp when the word itself is used in a variety of capacities. Over the years, many have influenced my philosophy, and more importantly, my delivery. My private and public mobility training has allowed me to share my concept of ‘mobility’, and what it has become. People often inquire about ‘mobility work’ as something separate to that of their training; perhaps, how it may compliment their training.


Mobility is flexibility, plus strength. Our training is the acquisition of a usable range of motion, which is often the result of training for flexibility, and strength. This is not a separate aspect of your training. This fundamentally defines your training.


I often encourage people to look at mobility as their training and an expression of that. Our behaviours create our mobility. We are constantly stimulating our bodies to adapt to the repetitive nature of our lifestyles. We are what you repeatedly do. We have an opportunity to create an improved version of ourselves. We have also created the version of ourselves that looks back at us in the mirror. Every workout should include mobility.


Start with controlling yourself. This is my go-to when it comes to incorporating the mindset that is mobility. Slow things down and ask more from your body. Carefully spend more time in those hard to reach areas. Reach into those outer edges of motion, spend time in those areas of resistance, and slow things down to provide enough time for your body to understand where you are. This is to be applied in all aspects from the foam roller to the front squat.


You will always regret not training the area you got injured in. Understandably you must ease your way into these areas, but start to pick up on the many opportunities you have to to do this. Note that it isn’t just in your stretching.


Redefine your training. Reshape your body by reshaping your behaviour.


It’s all mobility work.


Coach Chesty

Emile Maxwell Connaughton