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Mad Mobility | Just where I'm at

My body feels less than optimal. Notably with my training frequency has slipped. 


I will always prioritize scheduling clients in open time slots, as opposed to securing that time for myself. It’s important for me to put others well being before my own. This is an expected struggle a few weeks of the year. I usually set aside a few weeks of the year for a little chaos and inconsistency. 


I know, I have to think of the flight attendant; you know that person who reminds you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others.


This is not a scenario in which I’m choosing destructive, or less than favourable options in place of. I’ve been filling that time with creating google sheets that help track my clients and drive productivity. I’ve created movement databases for mobility, strength, and conditioning programming. I’ve found a new place to live with my lady. Together we’ve spent time strategizing the last quarter of 2018; food prep, date nights, and all those elements of living my best life. 


Sure enough I’ve still privately shamed myself for allowing my training to slip. How am I suppose to preach the ‘everyday damn day’ mobility practice without doing it every damn day. My body hasn’t felt the best and I could be eating more, I could always eat more. That doesn’t last more than a quick momentary comment to validate the slip. 


Notably this is still a relative state. I likely still move more than the average joe on a day to day basis. I regularly demo, teach, and translate movements/exercises. And most importantly there is the ever present conversation in a community driven atmosphere; I work at a gym/school and often talk about movement stuff, like all the time.


We will all have set backs, frequency issues, schedule jumbles, and time off. I credit my ability to continue without the need for new motivation or a fresh start, to my environment and my understanding. 


My environment feeds me the tools and the atmosphere to showcase what is possible. I have a facility full of individuals looking to improve upon themselves. Clients and coaches alike put in the hours and the frequency.  


My understanding allows me to continue with the process, without shame. I pick up where I left off with a few tweaks to smooth the transition into more frequent training. 


I’ve been able to map some trends over the years and expect when my training consistency drops off. I now take advantage of the times I have an abundant amount of time to train. I also ensure that when that time gets rerouted I can still benefit by improving other aspects of my lifestyle, which sure enough, creates more time to train. 


Sure enough, a few other areas have been optimized for my body to now reap the rewards.


Just where I’m at,


Coach Chesty