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Mad Mobility | Just where I'm goin

With the other areas optimized I am now free to reap the fruits of my labour. So last week I shed some light about my current state, as in, less than optimal. This was more of a physical note, as my body was under fed, under trained, and not so maintained. Feel free to travel back in time to get some perspective before reading on, or not, whatever. I basically set myself to be successful. 


It’s difficult to build when you don’t have the resources around to feed that project. And sure enough I had lost some of my productivity due to lack of a supporting cast. I had my google sheets organized to get my programming and client elements in order. Simona and I bought groceries. A couple sweetheart clients followed their hearts to feed me (thanks for the muffin Shana). I then found myself on Monday, thoroughly enjoying my down time. With no pressing tasks other than some leisure packing before the move, I scheduled some training time. 


Administrative work was organized. Food was available. Naps were back on track. Training was scheduled. All I had to do was plug in and play.


Tuesday training, check. Wednesday training, check. Thursday maintenance, check. Forecast looks good. 


Just a simple update and nothing more. Stay the course and ensure you have the resources available to feed your progress.