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Mad Mobility | Less, but more of it.

Frequency wins. Find more opportunities to get less intense efforts in.

Potent doses are great for driving adaptation. That surge of intensity can create a rush of activity to the cells of the body. Those big shot moments drive defining change to our make up. They are essential to creating enough of a stimuli to trigger remodelling. And that's what we're talking about, the power to remodel yourself with every effort. Now some of those big moments come at a toll, and in turn become less frequent. The body craves constant inputs. Think how a desk job gets a lot of flack for transforming your body after years and years. That may not be an intense dose in one day, but with what it costs to live, requires frequent exposure to pay the bills. 

The lower dose often gets shunned, an afterthought as it may be ineffective. The low dose with high frequency offers active inputs over and over, and over again. They are more manageable as they don't require the same level of recovery. That combination creates a sustainable level of effort, that with habitual practice becomes remarkably life changing. 

The mobility class will provide you with a potent dose to spark things in the right direction and hold you accountable week to week. Take those potent techniques and lower the intensity. Now practice them everyday to frequently stimulate the units of your biological make up. I'll always inform you as to where you put your efforts. You must decide how much you care to remodel yourself. The "little things" truly define you. So do them, every day. 10 minutes/reps amounts to 60 more hours (3640 reps) of cellular remodelling a year. 

Low investment, high return. Outlandishly rich in mobility.

Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton