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Mad Mobility | Life begins at my comfort zone

I’ve created a space I can thrive in. This is a space I might actually want to do something in. A comfort zone does not have to limit our productivity.
Being comfortable in our environments is often shamed: We may be too comfortable in our relationships, therefore we’re handcuffing our growth. We may not be exposed to the elements, therefore we won’t adapt. Or perhaps somewhere we were told life begins at the end of our comfort zone. 
Pressure doesn’t always produce diamonds, sometimes it will suffocate our expression. 
I share a unique space with an amazing partner and two cats. Sixteen feet up to the ceiling makes me feel like I can breathe, and gives me enough headroom to jump without consequence. We have a giant window that lets in all the light, and just happens to showcase some sweet mountain scapes. We have fire at the flip of a switch. My partner and I understand the value of silence. The felines provide regular live entertainment at dusk and dawn. It’s comfortable, and it isn’t even complete yet. 
That comforts provides an atmosphere I can be productive in. More specifically, I can move freely and indulge in the absolute chill. These are the keys to my recovery, and my mobility. 
My life begins and flourishes in my comfort zone. That alone provides me the support I need to take on ever present challenges in life. 
Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton