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Mad Mobility | Love is an action.

Mobility is an action, it’s something you do.
Much like love, mobility is just that, an action. I appreciate hearing Simona tell me she loves me. A few times a year she puts together these little notes and leaves them on my pillow or somewhere I’ll find it. They’ll detail a number of thoughts going through her head, and she’ll always include something about how deeply in love she still is. I’m apparently doing awesome. However, as much as I appreciate reading or hearing the words, that’s not her true showcase of her love. It’s her actions on all fronts that showcase her love, her caring. It's that every day consistency in her actions that affirm that feeling. And as important as it is for me to feel the love, it's important for her to feel that love.
I hear a handful of sentences that remind me I’m doing a good thing with this mobility class. I appreciate hearing how any of the elements have helped improve, well, anything. And by all means, the first rule of mobility class, is always talk about mobility class. I will always be here to feed you with love week in and week out. And that love, is mobility, and that's all for you baby.
I’ve heard a few of you say “I should really make time to come to your class” or “I’ve been meaning to attend one of them”, or “I know it would be really good for me”. As much as I appreciate the heads up, what is it without the action. Prove to yourself that you're worth it. Act on these opportunities to show that you truly do care about the health of your joints. Don’t feed us with intentions. My soul stays with zest for mobility, even if you’re not there. And I will continue to be here until to showcase that love.
Just show up and do it. The love between us will grow, but only if you show. Your mobility will grow, but only if you show.
Big love,
Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton