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Mad Mobility | More Thoughts

Tom, Coach Tom was chatting about exercise selection the other day, in relation to food selection. Choose things, then be positively and negatively affected by them. Although his views on ice cream could be argued , he often has points. This is exactly why you should understand and train your mobility, but it’s easier then you think, and often not what you think. 
The only difference between training and mobility training is nothing. The way you train affects your mobility positively and negatively, period. Mobility work isn’t something you do in the corner. Your decision, better yet, your prescription on whether to press overhead or squat a particular way may be the best mobility exercise you’ve ever chosen. 
Adding weight to something you suck at can help you get strong. Parts of your body end up doing jobs that the program doesn’t intend to be providing. So you get strong, but you also stress things out unintentionally. It’s important that you kind of suck at something, just enough that the body fortifies itself. Exercise selection will then help influence the outcome. And if you choose poorly, or too complex, the suck factor multiplies the probability of something adapting a certain way or even breaking down. That selection alone will more powerfully affect your future than anything. 
Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton