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Mad Mobility | New Class Schedule

New Mobility Class Schedule, starting March 4th:

  • Wednesdays @ 7pm

  • Sundays @ 11:15am


So what is the Mobility Class at MadLab School of Fitness?


It is, Mobility Training.


Not a warm up.


Not a cool down.


Actual training.


Progressive loads.


Progressive techniques.


Specific training intent.


Programmed to rehabilitate, strengthen, and create a usable range of motion.


I’ve put together a class driven by the best interpretation of the research out there. We actively breathe to facilitate a systemic change and increase oxygen absorption in the body. We actively move our joints through a large, but relative, range of motion, to stimulate all of the receptors that allow us to move them. We passively, and actively, hang out in our end range of motion to increase tolerance and improve access. We utilize specific muscle contractions to increase neural drive and convince the nervous system to allow improvements in these ranges of motion. We ensure that you have the prerequisite control and strength in your joints to do everything in your training, and life.


Exercises are only as functional as the equipment you’re working with. Your squat will never improve if your spine, hips, knees, and ankles are garbage. No amount of cueing can improve garbage equipment.


Make your stuff work better.


Earn the prerequisites to your movement,



Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton