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Mad Mobility | New Cycle New Focus

As you might already be familiar with, we follow a 6 week focus for our group programming. This structure allows us to focus on a few elements to see some progressive improvement. Notably we still manage to include some variety to keep some of your strengths and skills from being totally neglected. Even with a schedule completely dedicated to training, it can be less than effective to attempt to train every skill imaginable. With the addition of a second Mobility Class, I can finally include some of the same structure. Individuals can get a double dose during the week by attending both classes, and take some of the focuses home, include them in there other training, to see the improvements from multiple exposures.

On Monday’s  we begin a new cycle for our strength and conditioning. So that means, on Wednesday’s we’ll begin a new cycle for Mad Mobility. You can view the focuses in our newsletter and if you take a stroll to the southwest corner of the facility, you will find the focuses written on the whiteboard. 

As the weeks move on, mobility training follows the same principles as most progressive strength training. The body adapts to the specific imposed demands. Loading must be progressive, continually challenging an individuals level of skill. If we do not continue to increase the complexity of a training element, we will not see continued growth. We don’t want to end up with the same strength and flexibility we started with. It’s about feeling better, it’s also about seeing measurable improvement. Sometimes a single drill can be effective for weeks, sometimes we need to crank it up a notch.

What’s great is we get to work the root of the issue, the root of your movement. In a regular group class we get to build our strength and skills through movement patterns and time tested tools of the trade (hinge, squat, push, pull, core stuff). With the mobility class we get to build our strength and resilience of the equipment you need to perform all that stuff. Without a we’ll functioning hip and strong, flexibile hamstring stuff, deadlifts will continue to be a real bitch. So we’ll get right into that hip, improve the way that joint operates and prime that hamstring stuff to better handle complex motor patterns.

It is really is that simple; make our stuff work nice. So if you’re looking to see some progressive improvement, start including the mobility class in your training schedule. Pairing the class with regular group classes can yield even more from your training efforts. 

Next week I’ll post the focuses. Be sure to check the board on the southwest corner. Get the best parts to get the job done.

Your Pit Crew,

Coach Chesty

Emile Maxwell Connaughton