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Mad Mobility | New Programming Block

With a new cycle on the horizon, you can bet I’ll be making moves with our mobility programming.
If you’ve missed the last cycle, we touched on a handful of shoulder development. You can expect that to come around again. I won’t be throwing the upper body to the side, as there is a fair amount of volume coming up. You can expect some complimentary work to continue, but it’s been a minute since we spotlighted the hips. So let’s shine there. 
Rotation is the father of learning. It could very well be the mother of learning, but that’s highly dependant on your family dynamic growing up. Could be both. But I digress. We’ll be rotating the hips significantly with a bias on external rotation and extension. Our strength and conditioning focus will have a steady dose of power expressed through the hips. So if your hips don’t rotate, they won’t do much when it comes to expressing themselves. 
Take away? Show up to the Mobility Class to express your hips in ways you never thought possible. We'll be creating access to new levels of control, and at the very least making sure we don't lose any capacity we've earned.
If that's too simple, then ya'll don't get the basics,
Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton