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Mad Mobility | New Programming Cycle

Shoulder Extension and Scapular Control

The goal is to help improve the control and positioning of the arms when they're behind your body, bent and straight. This is often an area that has been lost with a large percentage of the population. You will like notice an improvement of your pushing and pulling of the upper body. Scapular control becomes increasingly important the more advanced your pushing and pulling become. All of these contribute to a healthy shoulder: one that has complete control of all angles of motion.

Hinge Endurance and Posterior Chain Flexibility

We hinge, a lot. Many of you complain about “tight” hamstring stuff. Those same individuals may also complain about “tight” or weak hip flexors. We’ll ensure we expand the range of motion in this position to increase some flexibility. It is however essential that we control and increase the endurance of this position. Setting up for the deadliest never felt so easy.

Breathing and Lower Back Stuff

The lower back gets its fair share of loading. As our focus will be on improving the linear function of the hips, we’ll ensure that we cool off the lower back. A little control can go a long way in increasing your endurance to handle more loading. Don’t become a slave to “lower back pain”. We’ll be breathing deeply as usual to aid in your production of energy through the conversion of an oxygen rich environment. That energy can then be used to recover or perform. Get high on your own supply.

Simple tools for profound results.

Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton