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Mad Mobility | New Schedule as of Feb 11th

A friendly reminder to adjust your schedules accordingly. There is a notable shift in our overall class schedule. The intent is always to give you more opportunities to work on your development. Sure enough this includes the infamous Mobility Class, with yours truly. All the cool kids are doing it, uncool kids also welcome.

Thursday at 7pm

Saturday at 11am

This still remains, will continue, to enrich the lives of individuals looking to enhance their access and control of the ranges of motion. There is a heavy dose of end range rotational training, positional endurance, and all around joint/tissue resilience. No matter what your movement goals are, this class will take all of it to new levels. We will open up access to ranges of motion you've never thought possible. Even more important, we will increase the strength at those end ranges and enhance the over all control. Strength and flexibility can be achieved at the same time.

Each class will progressively run through a 6 week cycle, designed to improve you for the upcoming regular class cycle. It will sure enough aid in your development currently, but we must always look to future as adaptation takes time and consistency. Classes will run for 60 minutes. 45 of those minutes are dedicated to active articulations, isometrics, and positional endurance. At the tail end of class, the remaining 15 minutes, you will be guided through an active breathing practice designed to connect with your nervous system and increase energy production. You'll get high on your own supply.

This class can be attended before or after MadLab regular programmed classes. I would recommend your first experience be just the class itself. A discussion with your coach or myself can help you better grasp how this might be used in additional to the other classes. 

Discover what your body is truly capable of.

No bullshit. Just training that lasts a lifetime.

Pull up!

Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton