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Mad Mobility | No Class Thursday Sept 26th

I'll be in New Brunswick through the majority of next week. That means our regularly scheduled mobility training, Thursday September 26th at 7pm, will be cancelled. Class will resume Saturday September 28th at 11am, and continue as usual.

Should my travel schedule allow it, I'll host a Facebook live class to provide you will your regular dosage. This may serve as an opportunity to establish your own training practice. Take advantage of the time to continue working on our current focus. The most effective training is typically derived from frequency and consistency. The body craves that repeated stimulus to progress.

Gather reps of thoracic spine segmenting.

Gather reps of scapular rotations.

Gather time in the bear position.

It's all about joint nutrition. Quit your job, and do it all the time.

Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton