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Mad Mobility | Non Negotiables

I’m talking bout the principles to our life that produce a balance to our stressors. There are just some things I do on the regular that have ensure long-term growth to my productivity and create an environment that nurtures me. Don’t read on for tips, take the moment to evaluate your non negotiables that ensure you’re living the good life that keeps giving.


The Spot


It started as a cliff edge off of the west corner of the University of British Columbia, just over a yellow painted steel barrier, lay a mildly known area to reflect on life. Those trespassing steps down that cliff edge revealed the first spot that instilled one of my non negotiables in life. It grew to the few feet it takes to step onto my apartment terrace during those giving Vancouver summer months, and annually to white sand beach locations in the caribbean and abroad.


I love me a spot like these, and it has become a must in my life. It speaks to my very nature of leisure. Whether local or abroad, it provides an atmosphere that yields comfort and recovery. Without these spots, it’s the equivalent of lifestyle claustrophobia, and as much as I love Batman, the darkness never gave me that peace of mind.


So I ensure a patio at home and ocean view abroad. Priceless, even at a cost.


The One


I love having someone I can count on, someone I can live for, and someone and I can grow with. In a lifetime you can cycle through many different degrees of separation and transition through countless social circles. I got me a Simona, a stunning, sexy, ambitious total package that has only improved or challenged my life for the better, and entertains my repetitive ridiculousness. Nows that’s a non negotiable.


As cliché as it can become to sing the praises of your significant other, when we stop, the world will burn. I’m all about that love, and it’s essential to me to have a woman I can live every other moment for.


So I don’t let anyone tell me how that story is suppose to happen. She’s my one and we’ll make that happen.


The Others


Apparently the average friendship has a life of 5 years. I love me some key relationships. Some people just fill the role perfectly. So when they start sticking around for longer than that, they can become key cogs on your productivity, and often serve for some analgesia. It’s okay to have someone around that just makes you feel good, as well as having key advisors.


One of my most valuable afternoons is a lunch spent with Emily Beers. She always has a perspective worth hearing and has actually just hung out me for almost 6 years. We’ll hit Burgoo over on Main and 15th for a few fruity cocktails and a gooey cheese griller and, well, catch up. As deep as I could get with the value of that friendship, it’s too simple, and ya’ll don’t get the basics.


There is no one person to fill every value in my life. There are other people that make those key combinations.

I got my spot, my love, and my people...oh, and in-suite washer and dryer.


Mobility is more than a usable range of motion, it’s usable range of life.


Coach Chesty