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Mad Mobility | Other people said it better.

“The process of skill acquisition begins with the ability to express full capacity at each joint involved in the skill to be acquired.”

“I’m not sure we want to use ‘hacking’ techniques to gain things from our body. Put in the time, put in work and your body will let you have it."

Dr. Michael Chivers

“Determine physical capacities. Program within those capacities. Program additional work to expand capacities where desired/needed. Repeat."

“When tissues are healthy, and joints are functional, practice is all the nervous system requires to perfect movements.”

Dr. Andreo Spina

Anything I've ever said is probably a reworded or regurgitation of something someone else has said. These individuals are likely more qualified with greater levels of experience, and much better timing. It's all about timing. The two doctors above have been my most recent influencers in the last 5 years. They have helped lay a foundation for some of my thought processes and programming mindsets when working with clients. I've been in this industry for a little over a decade and am always actively seeking an upgrade to my skill set. No matter how elaborate techniques and research become, the most effective ways to create longterm change are rooted in simplicity. It all comes down to addressing your foundation and ensuring we launch from a supportive start. We are not always the sum of our parts, but so many aspects of training are just that. Assessing/perfecting a movement pattern, like a squat, with that same movement pattern, is fine if everything else is working the way it's suppose to. That movement pattern quality is the sum of all those parts, and if they are not working properly, you're only reinforcing the problem you might be having.

The Mad Mobility Class is primarily about addressing those parts, so that the sum, whatever it may be, will continue to improve. Don't handcuff your development, come on down and do the work.

Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton

Not a doctor.