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Mad Mobility | Our relationship with...

You cannot cheat with food. 

You eat food.

There are consequences to what we put down our pie hole. 

That's it.

I was cruising through a chapter of Robb Wolf's new book "Wired to Eat". In this particular chapter he draws into discussion people's "relationship" with food. Sure enough I start to connect with the parallels in mobility, or the healthy maintenance of. 
I've met people, had clients of all sorts, and been around long enough to gather some "relationship" experience. A relationship, with food, seriously? It's a thing, maybe we can argue the plants have feelings, but the deserts don't. I feel for those who have dealt with grief and emotional stress through food, but I'm not discussing emotional vices. There is no bound to the pain that is brought on by life. And how can you not fuel your emotions in all aspects, negative or positive, with tasty comfort. Strawberry cheesecake can be almost sexual, but it would be weird to have a romantic relationship with anything other than another human being, although there was that guy who married a goat.
Cheating on a person is a big deal. It develops a whole slew of emotions. But, we're talking about food here. Why should we feel guilty about what we just ate? We shouldn't spend our time shaming ourselves, especially for devouring something that didn't even have a heart to begin with. It's essential for us to have an understanding of what the outcome will be when we consume junk (performance, body composition etc.). Why waste time shaming yourself for that cheesecake? Just know it's not dialing in that 6-pack. In this very moment you can start making a new relationship, with yourself, with people, who can help shape your eating habits.
So maybe you feel the same way about mobility work. Guilty you didn't get your morning CARs routine in; guilty you didn't stretch or foam roll after your workout. Again, it's essential for you to understand the outcome of regular body maintenance work (joint and tissue health etc.)  Why waste time shaming yourself for that night of movies on the couch? Just know it's doing nothing for your glutes. In this very moment you can start making a new relationship with yourself, with people who can shape your mobility habits.
Again, I repeat myself when it comes to cultivating the relationships in your life that truly have a profound affect. People can help influence a whole new outcome, and are much more deserving of your emotions and attention. Food and mobility, are just things you have to do. 

You cannot cheat with mobility. 

You just need to do mobility.

There are consequences to what we do to our bodies. 

That's it.

Come to on down to Mad Mobility. Put your feelings of guilt aside and start something right now.
Every Saturday at 1130 with the people, and by request, one on one, with ya boy Coach Chesty.