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Mad Mobility | Posture:Concept

The best posture is the one you just moved out of. Posture is a dynamic concept. The best posture is the one that is repeatably changing. There is no preconceived notion of posture. As soon as you’re holding yourself in one posture, you’re intentionally suffocating a group of your tissues.

FRS Creator Dr. Andreo Spina

These are the words that speak to me. My philosophy on training mobility, and every other aspect of strength and conditioning, evolves over time. Often the most profound concepts are affirmed through a simple thought process. 

I’ve had many clients transition into a standing desk, or move departments to stand more throughout the day. Pretty much all of them raved about how they felt after a few days, weeks had past. And sure enough after some more time had past, all of them were complaining about some nagging discomfort after a full day of work. At the end of the week they felt a little beat down, much like the ol' days of sitting all week. Holding our bodies in one particular position for any extended length of time is not ideal.

Our joints and surrounding tissue receive nutrients through one particularly simple method, movement.

The take away from this? Find more ways to move your body through out the day.

This is simple, face it, if it's too simple, then ya’ll don’t get the basics.

Need to learn how to prepare those joints and tissues for movement, or a lack there of. Come on down and redeem the wonders of new found usable ranges of motion.

Mad Mobility, Wednesdays at 7pm, Sunday at 11am. And more to come in the new year.

Coach Chesty

Emile Maxwell Connaughton