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Mad Mobility | Program Shift, Mob Shift

So with the shift of the programming comes another shift in, well, the programming. You can always expect that Mad Mobility will keep you on point, and in rhythm with your strength and conditioning. I figured I would take this opportunity to explain the shift in conjunction with programming you like to sweat to. For those of you in the dark about the current programming cycle, this will be a nice review as well.

Why do we do mobility training?

Well, why is it important for you to be able to do stuff?


Box Squat vs Squat to Box

We'll establish a 3RM back squat at the beginning of the cycle; a MadLab Benchmark. Over the six weeks we'll cycle alternate between heavy and speed days. You'll have to know the difference between the two squatting styles and which one works best for your development. Your coach can help you distinguish between the two.

Mobility Focus

The infamous 90/90 position introduced to you by yours truly. We're going to beat this, and you, into submission. One of the fundamental ways to open your hips through a focus on that hips ability to rotate. We're going to slice this up with positional isometrics and kinetic stretching. You'll be transitioning smoothly and your squat will respect and improve because of it. Got hips?

Overhead Press

We'll establish a 1RM shoulder press at the beginning of the cycle; a MadLab Benchmark. Over the six weeks we will work with the behind the neck press and the sprinkle in some variations. Clients with overhead mobility issues should take advantage of the landmine press, an awesome alternative and one of my favourite 'shoulder savers'.

Pull Up 

You can expect plenty of opportunities to challenge and practice your pull up development. Primarily we will be dealing with big mastery sets, and lots of time spent isometrically with your chin over the bar or rings.

Mobility Focus

Shoulder rotation and those lats baby! The back of the shoulder can get pretty jacked up, so we'll be using some techniques to calm it down and give you some peace. Not only will we unlock those lats, but we're going to build on your ability to control them. When you can feel those lats contract, and that upper back isn't so jacked up, you can keep up your development indefinitely. Feeling a little jacked up, or in need of new life for those shoulders


This is one of the best introductions if your new to this mobility game, as we're going to be working the fundamentals of hip and shoulder health. Come on down Saturdays at 11:30 and unlock your potential.

Ya boy Chesty

Emile Maxwell Connaughton