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Mad Mobility | Programming through December

When December hits, people move different. There's a double load of working, traveling,, eating, calling, texting, celebrating, and plenty of chilling. Training often becomes about maintaining, or balancing the indulgence, and the hustle.

You can expect a consistent touch on the spine and with breathing. Both will include many variations. Simple delivery, yet an opportunity to assess limitations in range or strength. A lot of dead bugs.

Hips and the legs attached will get some love in the 90 90 and half kneeling positions. Basic linear and rotational articulations, or in human language, all of the hips baby. Balance drills.

Shoulders will be more of an offset. Driving, eating, and interacting with things in front of you, but the opposite of all that. Again, we're going for balance here. Let's take the world off your shoulders, you deserve it.

Enjoy how easy it will be to enjoy this class. Thursday at 7pm. Saturday at 11am.

Pull up,

Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton