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Mad Mobility | Recovery this Sunday

Over the course of a 6 week cycle you'll typically see a ramp up of intensity or volume. Through these weeks the body can build up a fair amount of tension and one can feel a little wound up. This is the same progressive strategy with mobility training; give your body increasing demands to adapt to. Now as we are in the final week of our current program, we have given you an opportunity to retest. I can also assume that you haven't been matching your recovery to the increasing demands. So needless to say, you may be in need for some additional recovery, or perhaps a little reset.

During the 6th week of programming, the mobility class is tailored to a lower intensity, with a plethora of reps to increase blood flow and nutrient exchange in the body. This also gives me an opportunity to run attendees through a full body routine. This a great opportunity to understand a little more about your body and how all of your parts truly feel. And you will feel a little more blissful afterwards. Sure enough we'll begin the ramp up as we move into the next cycle.

Wednesday has passed, so look to jump in on Sunday at 11:15am for your last weekly opportunity to reset.

Next week I'll detail our focuses for the next cycle, October 22nd through December 2nd.


Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton